For I am nothing, and there is no more I, all there is, is that which is, and that which is, loves. This is its song and for those who hear and feel this - be a beloved, live the wisdom of the monk and seek the truth of the masters, for that is what you really are and it’s my joy to have shared this with you.


Dhyan Vimal Ashram

The Divine Invitation

A space for you to explore for yourself that which holds true as you, to follow the demand of yourself to what can be. The journey is of intelligence and not one of being authored by anyone, just a personal journey for oneself to oneself. It holds the community of all who seek this and live together in this promise of what one can be.



In the name of my masters, and the masters of the past, and the masters of the future, I bow and hold all of you who are my beloved in this, in my love I hold you. And I hold you so dearly that I hope you dissolve into it and disappear, for I do not know a greater act from my part than this, for the all of me and the all of the all, holds you, and know now this is love and this is how it acts.

Colombo, Sri Lanka     January 2017




The key is to not just meet the man who is the guru, but to meet the guru itself, to have an encounter, to have that connection, that surrender. This is most seen when there is a deep surrender and a deep bowing that is unbroken, and in that this meeting happens, and that is all that is needed.

Dhyana Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     April 2017

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It’s a question of sweetness as how I see it, it’s the question of the bliss. This bliss will make you itself, and will dissolve you.

Agastheeswarar Temple, Agasthiyampalli     June 2016

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I stand for love and togetherness. Above all, I stand for truth.

Dhyana Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     December 2016

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May I live in a way for everything I do, every beautiful thing I create shall glorify them and them alone, not me. That all that I do is to serve that without ever drawing any glory to myself. That’s the sangalpam I live by, that is how I walk into the temple.

May this body, this energy, this life force, this being be of service to That, to my gurus in every aspect and may that be to their feet.

Mayuranatharswami Temple, Mayiladuthurai     July 2017

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When one comes to a living master, this is what he does first, to get you connected with this, and to show you how to be nourished by it, and only then he takes you beyond.

Adi Kumbeswarar Temple, Kumbakonam     June 2016

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I bow to my siddhars, my gurus, my masters in which my very breath which is theirs, my very being is the service of their will, dance as their son, dance as their child, dance as their beloved, and lead the celebration of the glory of all the Fathers who have been and who now are still ruling.

Karuvurar Shrine, Brihadeeswarar Temple     November 2014

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It's rare one comes to this door, the door in which one starts to follow the light. The action of taking sannyas is just this - stepping into following the light.

Dhyana Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     December 2016

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Just, and Just, a servant I like to be,
which I am to all my Gurus,
for their feet is what I sought for all my life,
and the very life is for the feet of my masters,
for I am nothing but that which seeks the feet of that which is
the pure and the love, and the divine embodied,
for I die a thousand times, in just the sight of my master's feet,
and the compassion and kindness that he embodies
his sight will finish me for I do not hope for that,
for I have never been worthy of his sight
for all I seek is the sight of the Guru's feet and that
may the master see the back of my head while I serve his feet,
for I don't want his sight to be hurt by my face,
for I am not even worthy to serve his feet,
for I am nothing but a drop of his grace.

Sri Sattainathar Temple, Sirkazhi     July 2017

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There can never be anything else, and that which one comes to and attains in enlightenment is love, and it’s the same love everyone comes to and lives in. All my masters are love, they may appear different and have had different bodies and minds but they are all out of the same source. It’s like a wave, but all are in the same ocean and that wave is part of the ocean that is rising.

Dhyana Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     April 2013

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The real teaching is to see this helplessness and only when one sees this, something happens to the person and then the guru can come to help. Till then the master as far as I am concerned, and I am talking about myself, has no value at all. I am useless to anyone who has not come to this.

This is my truth too, only by the grace of my gurus, did this come to be, if not it’s something that is not within one’s doing.

Masilamaniswara Temple, Thiruvaduthurai     June 2015

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This is what it means to sit with the master. To sit with the master is to sit with him and get transformed. Just being with him, just in that energy, then you both come together. Suddenly in that togetherness you start getting transformed. That is why the ultimate technique is simply learning to be with the master. Just learning to be.

Dhyana Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     May 2012

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I am not, I am not, only the celebration is. My guru's celebration is all that was and now it’s me celebrating.

Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India     June 2016

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When I met my masters, and became a disciple, nothing else mattered ... just being a disciple, just being that was enough for much to happen.

Kamalamuni Siddhar Samadhi, Thyagarajar Temple     June 2016

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The nature of the sannyas is that their life is in dedication of enlightenment, in the dedication of the flowing of oneself and all. When one has given oneself to this and this is clear in one’s being, then all else becomes clear and all else just flows.

Frötuna Gård, Sweden     September 2017

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For I am nothing but their grace in action and that is the celebration of this truth - for all to see the glory of my gurus and yours.

Adi Kumbeswarar Temple, Kumbakonam     June 2015

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The key to this is when you can be open and just be, the energy and the presence of the guru falls onto you.

Tamil Nadu, India     June 2016

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A blessed life is a life in which all comes to the highest ... all turns to light.

Aabathsahayeswarar Temple, Thirupazhanam     July 2017

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This is the secret of masters. When I bless you, that is what I do, I allow what is there as me to respond to your need and your challenge.

Dhyana Centre Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia     2014

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All masters live this and are this, they have learnt the way and live the virtue, and this is seen in their meditation, in their silence, in their way.

Tamil Nadu, India     June 2016